Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Of pretenders, contenders and perenial title winners

Inside move

 The Lakers dismantled the Pacers – 122 – 99 -  last night.

Yet their critics continue to say

they are lazy with sloppy play… 

Next up is Miami the city of sin,

 It shouldn’t be that hard to get another win

The hype will be about Kobe vs. DWade,

After 3 quarters the Heat are gonna fade

DWade may make an ESPN move or two, but he won’t be able to pull his team thru

Knock him down 3 times & he will get up 4, But all that accomplishes is a butt that is sore.
But give DWade credit, he does have a Ring, and after Kobe, he is the next best thing
Not like that lil actress Princess Jimmy, All she knows how to do is dance and shimmy
The Princess does not have the fire that burns within, which is why a Ring she’ll never win
The only way the Princess will see a ring, is if her puppet steals some of the Mamba’s bling
So don’t slip up Princess you need every win, If you hope to get back to the Finals again
But I’m afraid home-court won’t do you no good, the Lakers will beat you in your own hood

The hardest opponents the Lake’s have to play,Is the team they see in practice everyday

Kobe against Thriller, Lamar against Pau,

I would pay for a ticket to see that scrimmage “yawl”

It’s probably better than The Finals would be, To see The Thriller try and shut down Kobe

But we must play out the regular season string, before the coronation for our 16th Ring
You probably think I am cocky I know,

The Lakers are Destinies Team - didn’t your Mama tell you so?


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