Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mysterious Crop Circles appear in Arcata

maze fly by 033 (2)

Pilots flying over the Pifferini Ranch have recently reported seeing these mysterious crop circles. It’s a first on the north coast where we seldom see UFOs (it’s either too foggy or raining too hard). This stark evidence isn’t as sinister as it may appear however…

Check out upcoming editions of The Times-Standard to get the story.

Photo taken by Richard R. Stancliff (my eldest son)


Anonymous said...

Great picture!! Can't wait for the story.

holloway said...

I do not know why I have trouble sometimes lposting comments!!
Sometimes I feel like such a..a.. minus!!!!
Yeah, the anonymous comment above was moi.

Anonymous said...

I heard that some people have been seeing strange lights in that maze at night for a week now.

Probably just a rumor...don't you think?

Nancy Talbott said...

Don't think this is a crop circle....looks like a maze, probably in corn. Farmers make these things to encourage tourists to visit their farm-stands, to make extra money, whatever....

If you're interested in real crop circles--and particularly the scientific evidence that many of them are not man-made, please check out our web-site: Lots of very good scientific info, photos, eyewitness accounts, etc.