Friday, July 31, 2009

Republican moms for marijuana: 'Time to legalize is now'

It will take conservatives and women to help turn tide against pot prohibition

— As a Republican mother committed to legalizing marijuana, political life can be lonely. But while many in my party whisper about the Drug War's insanity, we should shout it from the rooftop: the time to legalize is now.

Calling for a new approach doesn't make me a pothead. In fact, while I freely admit to having previously smoked marijuana -- as do more than 95 million other Americans, including our last three presidents -- I choose not to be an active marijuana user today.

While opponents may argue that legalization is all about a bunch of twentysomethings wanting to get high, the debate deserves a more respectful and truthful analysis.

Take medical marijuana. On July 20, Colorado's Health Board voted down a proposal that would have effectively shuttered the medical marijuana dispensaries serving as crucial sources of legal marijuana across the state. As a result, courageous patients, including AIDS survivor Damien LaGoy, will not have to take to dangerous streets to obtain marijuana.

Instead, the state's nearly 10,000 patients can continue their existing relationships with dispensaries, many of who deliver to the homebound and hold extensive knowledge about the benefits and side effects of specific strains.

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photo is of Jessica Peck Corry

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Unknown said...

Yeah !! Choosey mothers end to the insane war on drugs, a war with ourselves.

Marijuana decriminalization will save states and federal billions every year. You are some smart lady. I'd love to meet you.

Listen to her, ladies. She's right. This is one intelligent woman !!

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