Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I take exception at the term 'reverse discrimination' that has been used in this case

What does reverse discrimination mean?

I'll tell you what it implies: the term suggests that normally white people are racists, but in this case (reverse) it's saying the whites were discriminated against. What's wrong with just using the word discrimination? A racist can come in any color. Someone who discriminates against others can come in any color. Race is still, and will always be, a matter of controversy in this country. Anyone can be discriminated against.  It doesn't matter if you are white, brown, yellow, or black.

What matters is that we do away with any kind of discrimination in the work place or at home. One of the things that came out in this case, is the fact that Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor had her decision overturned. How that plays out remains to be seen. Another troubling thing that's come up is how some city governments err on the side of minorities (out of fear of lawsuits) when it comes to the workplace. There might have been a time when this kind of thing was acceptable, but that time has passed. Today it should be about true equality among ALL of the races in America.  

Photo by Jessica Hill / Associated Press

Here' some backround on the ruling from the Los Angeles Times...

Ruling for white firefighters may alter hiring

The Supreme Court says white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were the victims of illegal discrimination when the city tossed out their test results and denied them promotions.

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