Monday, April 13, 2009

Meandering With Millie: While walking we encountered a skunk today!

   Millie my pug and I were taking our daily walk when we came upon a skunk standing unsteadily on the side of a gravel country road.

   We both instantly knew that skunks shouldn't be out during the day. This one looked like it was drunk on blackberry wine and was swaying slightly from side-to-side.

   Not good. His beady black eyes seemed to be fixed on some point beyond us as he didn't react to how close we were. Time was frozen. I was worried that the skunk would lunge at Millie and bite her if I moved too fast.

   It came to me that Millie had her rabies shot eight days ago, so she was at least protected in the worse case scenario. I, however, haven't had mine. I can't remember the last time I had a rabies vaccination.

    I remember when I was in third grade a dog bit me in the front of my school and I had to get the whole stick-the-needle-in the-stomach treatment! But that was no vaccination. That was the treatment. Do they still do that?

   So far no one made a move. Millie finally decided she wanted to take a closer sniff of this strange black-and-white animal, and I picked her up in the same instant, holding my breath and expecting to be attacked.

  It didn't happen. The skunk continued to wobble, looking blankly ahead. We set off down the road. I put Millie down and we continued on our regular route. On the way back I kept my eyes peeled for the skunk. But it was gone. Probably back into the blackberry bushes and high grass.

   I was secretly thrilled we didn't have to contend with Billy Bob Skunk. You see, Millie and I got to talking while we were walking, and decided it could have been a "geeter-head" (same-same as a meth-head) skunk who might have went by the name of Billy Bob. Why not?

   We started coming up with wild headlines:

'Geeter Skunk sends man and pug packing!'

'Man and pug accidentally stumble upon stoned Skunk's outdoor meth lab!'

'PETA says man and pug threatened skunk stoned on medical-meth'

  Before we knew it we were back home. Just another day in our adventuresome lives. Peace.

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