Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here's the story of a newspaper that's thriving in today's economy

 Just when you thought there was no hope for newspapers survival in this tough economy there comes an exception to the norm. Whatever the Real Change Newspaper is doing right, it should be noted by other publications in the industry. Is this the new business model for journalism in the 21st Century? See what you think.

 Real Change newspaper wins national award,

wins national awards and readers

  At a time when traditional media is in the doldrums, it's not often you get an upbeat story about newspapering. This is one of those times.

  Seattle's Real Change newspaper, best known for its cadre of homeless street-corner vendors, is growing dramatically.

  Its circulation jumped 41 percent in the last two years alone, according to executive director Timothy Harris, up to 17,000 weekly.

On top of that, the newspaper's journalism recently won national recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists for a story on the life and death of a man who jumped from the Aurora Bridge. The award is an especially big deal for a paper with a newsroom staff of three.

To read the whole article in the Seattle Times click here.


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