Thursday, April 23, 2009

History shows there's hope for struggling newspapers today!

From the ALL VIEWS web site  today:

By Dave Stancliff
My first job as an editor of a weekly newspaper, The Desert Trail in Twentynine Palms, gave me the opportunity to meet Bill Underhill, an old-time newspaper publisher, and one of the first homesteaders in the area in1928.

Bill Underhill established The Desert Trail in 1935 and sold it many years later when he retired. It’s now owned by Brehm Communications, Inc. Bill still lived in Twentynine Palms when I arrived in 1981.

I got to talk with him and his wonderful wife Prudie, who was still very active in the community, many times.
Their mom-and-pop business thrived for so many years that they became a rich part
of the town’s history. Read the rest here.

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