Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fed watchdog reveals improper relationships among oil brokers, energy company employees

The latest scandal to hit the oil/energy market is full of "substance abuse and promiscuity" as government brokers responsible for collecting billions of dollars in federal royalties had sex with energy company employees, and accepted lavish gifts from them.

As if that wasn't bad enough those brokers and energy buddies rigged contracts to favor firms, according to investigators.


What do you think should be done to these people who are taking advantage of their positions? Lock 'em up and throw away the key? Or just give them a pat on the hand and say, "that's a no-no!"

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Anonymous said...

Geez, I knew journalism was the wrong field for me. Hey, any takers on a photo with me? I'm growing a beard and soon will have a ponytail and flowers in my hair. That's gotta be worht $5, isn't it?

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