Saturday, November 29, 2008

Aphrodisiac from Ants: Man executed for massive investor scam!

Chinese authorities announced that they executed the leader of a scheme to swindle investors out of their money by making aphrodisiacs from ants. Wang Zhendong, was put to death in the northeastern province of Liaoning, according to Xinhua News Agency (China's official news source).

Wang managed to steal about 3 billion yuan ($439 million) from numerous investors. One of the investor's even committed suicide when he discovered he'd been ripped off. China does not mess with crime like this. If they catch you, that's it. You're dead. Needless to say, not many people try it.

Can you imagine if we did that here in the United States? a matter of fact that's not a bad idea! That would help deplete the overcrowded prisons. Of course, we would have to start off by executing all the mass murders, serial killers, and just plain old murderers first. And we all know that'll never happen. Oh well...just a thought.


Unknown said...

They stole aphrodisiacs from ants? I wonder what sparked that idea. (Like: Hmmm, guys. Let's get some from ants!). Haha!

I found a great post about aphrodisiacs today on Peterman's Eye that I thought I'd share!


ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks Tina!

I'm going to check it out now!

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