Saturday, October 18, 2008


MAKE SURE TO SEE AS IT STANDS TOMORROW. It's about lead poisoning in American homes. Are you safe? Was your home built before 1976? If so, you better read this column, and be prepared for a shock!

Well... blogger buddies and any other visitors who may stop in to take a snoop today, I thank you for stopping by. I'll be back home on Monday and will post a New Blog (with the usual bell and whistles) sometimes Monday afternoon.

I'll take the weather in Humboldt anyday! I's been so hot and dry down here that my sinus's are dried up and I'm getting an occassional nosebleed. The sheer mass of people everywhere I've been this last five or six days is overwhelming!

Talk about road rage. Yikes! I've seen several bad accidents and drivers that post speeds of 100 mph or more on the freeway (and some surface streets in Hemet and San Jacinto. In my travels I noticed that someone has built houses right next to the Parris Lake Dam. Talk about stupid and greedy.

That seems to be the story for city planners down here. They build wherever, fault lines be damned, and they get away with it. Just another case of a crumbling infrastructure.

I can't wait to get home and dial this blog back in!


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