Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm back again....

I'm still about 700 miles from home.
The winds down here have been very strong.

The county I'm in is the largest one in California and close to being the largest county in America.

That famous Route 66 runs through this county.

I'm already thinking about coming home and I have six days left down here! I'm use to being in my bunker communicating with the world via my computer, so I'm really out of my comfort zone right now.

My biggest challenge is my PTSD. I have trouble being around lots of people, and the traffic down here stresses me to the max. I am trying to let others do the driving while I'm here. It's just one of the precautions that I'm taking.

Most people don't have any idea what people with PTSD go through daily. The challenges are many and varied depending where I'm at.

That's about all for today. Thanks for visiting today, and I'll be doing a lot of updating when I get home. Meanwhile, don't be shy...take a look around and check out the archives for this blog and the other sources I've provided.


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