Monday, September 15, 2008

Some notes on As It Stands today...

The Daily Crock, a political blog, is carrying As It Stands/Nolan Chart column on the Bilderberg Group today.

Yesterday's As It Stands in the Times-Standard about a 10th Amendment ruling in California, is still on top of the Most Viewed list in the Times Online Forum this morning.

If you Google As It Stands, my July 5th column (when I wrote for The Eureka Reporter) titled, Outsourcing Newspapers is Offensive, is on the first page. (Sorry no links available. You have to Google The Eureka Reporter and go to their Online edition Opinion Section, and write in As It Stands in the search engine provided.)

Google this As It Stands blog, and you can find it listed under number 414 out of 129,000,000! Most of my visitors come from within the United States, in particular California. Last week there were visitors from Canada; Auckland, New Zealand; Australia; Europe; and Brazil.

I'm still networking with other blogs by exchanging links. Almost all of the web sites that have reprinted my columns ask for permission. Interestingly enough, one web site 420Attorney, an enterprising lawyer, reprinted my Nolan Chart column on the 10th Amendment without asking for my permission! Go figure.

AS IT STANDS...thank you to all of my readers, and I want you to know that I'm having fun and I hope you are too!

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