Monday, September 15, 2008

No economic downfall for beer

No matter how bad things get, Americans are still swilling their brew. Experts say half of the booze sold in this country is beer, making it the leader in alcohol sales.

Surveys show that beer sales haven't gone flat in this down economy. "It's really a consumer staple kind of industry," said Dan Ahrens, author of the book "Investing in Vice." He put it on par with toothpaste and soap. "People gotta drink no matter what's going on in the economy," Ahrens said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune today.

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Anonymous said...

I just had a six pack of Coors, followed by a 12-pack of Bud Light (I'm trying to lose weight), followed by an Egg McMuffin, followed by a trip to the bathroom. Good thing, that beer. Oh, for may fans out there: I don't drink. This is just humor.

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