Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Satanists Pursue Researcher

If it's Tuesday then it's time for "As It Stands," in the McKinleyville Press. Today's column deals with some boozy mammals that can out drink humans. Tree shrews rock when it comes to world class boozing!

This morning I got an email from a Satanic Ritual Abuse Researcher/Investigator Diana Napolis, M.A. Why would I get a letter from this person? Simple. I wrote a column about a Satanist who was in family court trying to get more custody time with his two daughters, recently.
I was flooded with emails at the time and there were over 5000 hits on the Online edition! Anyway, this person Napalois, wants me to know she's suing some people who she says are Satanists and that they have been harassing her for years - even to the point that they caused her to have a nervous breakdown! MS Napolis has been employed as a Court Intervention Social Worker at Child Protective Services in San Diego. Among other things she established a Ritual Abuse Court Cases Project while there. She goes on to site numerous newspaper and book sources (with links) that talks about these Satanists - and some infamous ones who have been caught for - among other things - Ritual murders and cannibalism.
Her archives are about 124 pages long and full of backround material.

My problem is I'm not sure what to do with this story? I already wrote one column about Satanists and I don't want to appear to be a sensationalist whose out for nothing but shock value. You know. Kinda like the print, radio, and television media today!

TODAY's THREAD - Should I pursue this story and do another column on

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Anonymous said...

Of course, Dave, pursue it. With that many hits on the online version, that's great. I don't think it's sensationalizing.

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