Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Say No to Satanists

Happy Hump Day bloggers! After many hours of research I've decided not to write a follow-up to my Satanist column from last month. After following links provided by MS Napolis, and actually reading her 132 page archive site, it appears that her ongoing battle with Satanists will never end. She has a somewhat questionable past with some mental problems, and I hestiate to take up her story when it's going to the courts. Perhaps if she wins some sort of settlement from the people she accused of being Satanists, a story might be there. The whole story sounds too personal and I have reservations about giving it print time.
Instead, I've tackled another very controversial subject - animal activists who act like domestic terrorists! If you've never heard of ALF (Animal Liberation Front) then prepare to be shocked at their tactics. I'm sending that column in to The Times-Standard today for future publication.

The Thread for the day is:

Animal activists believe that any means possible should be used to stop animal research - even to the point of throwing fire bombs at a family's house in Santa Cruz last week. Do you think these people are domestic terrorists or just animal lovers who are going too far?

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