Friday, August 22, 2008

PTSD article highlighted in New Mexico

I got an email from Bernard Schaer who has started a political blog called "The Daily Crock." Mr Schaer asked permission (which was granted) to re-run my column - A President with PTSD? He also wanted to add me to his radio show's guest list (which I agreed to).

I noticed in the Times-Standard Blogs& Forums sections that this PTSD column got 50 comments online. Most agreed it would be risky to have someone running the country with PTSD. McCain's temper is legendary, and also heavily documented. Sure sounds like PTSD to me.


Some people think that my column on PTSD was negative because it pointed out the challenges a person faces and even gives the suggestion that they might now be able to work a regular job. Do you think the column puts down those who suffer with PTSD?

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Anonymous said...

Not at all. It's a fair question, especially coming from someone who suffers from PTSD.

Whether McCain's anger management problems are caused by PTSD, it's obviously something he doesn't have under control.