Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain Obama debate is revealing

The debate between Obama and McCain last night surprised some people, like me, that Mccain actually came across better than Obama. It was obvious that McCain knew how to push the right buttons(in this case Jingoism and patriotism). He proved that most Americans are into the short and sweet rhetoric.

Obama's mistake was in being too thoughtful about his replies. The white-dominated wealthy Republican audience heard the buzz words that make them happy and cheered when they were thrown out like tasty tidbits. After viewing the so-called debate (it really turned out to be a forum for McCain's blatherings with his handpicked audience), I came to the conclusion that Obama is in trouble.

I also came to a very troubling conclusion regarding McCain. He is probably going to be the next president and we can expect four more years of the Bush legacy, new enemies to attack, and no end to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The economy will continue to stagger and the rich will get richer.

The badly needed change in leadership isn't going to happen unless people recognize that McCain means four more years of the hell that we've been going through under the current Republican regime. If your a CEO or other wealthy-type, why would you vote for someone that is going to clean up your act and make the corporations pay taxes too?

Hell no...unless a miracle happens, Obama's race will keep the majority of white males from voting for him. That and his proposed changes to make things fair in this country, will assure that the power elite will refrain from voting for him.

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