Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to, Humboldt County's only professional hash extraction service!

Look at what I found this morning. A new Humboldt Blog with a purpose – to make bubble hash!

This site’s still so new they don’t have any pictures in their Picture Gallery. They clearly explain their services and are compliant with 215 law, so they are advertising (found on Craigslist).

Is this just a set-up to bust lazy growers who don’t want to make their own hash? Who knows? I  just want to share the site with you and you can make your own determination as to it’s validity.


The Mad said...

Hello Dave! Man am I glad to have found your blog! I run the website and I can assure you the site is no hoax! My main purpose for putting up the site is to help out my fellow 215 growers and even dispensaries by turning stuff they may throw away or not have time or manpower to process into very usable, high quality, potent chemical free bubble hash. Check out my site for more details or e-mail me at
Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

The Mad said...

Also, it helps me out because I procure my medicine for free! Our going rate is for %40 of the total extracted hash so the customer gets to keep at least %60!
We offer discounts to elderly, disabled, and veterans so ask about them today :)