Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Republican/Obstructionist elite are holding a Tea Party today!

Look at what the Moral majority are calling themselves these days...the Silent Majority!

Say what? Based on actual numbers from our recent presidential election, this new incarnation should be called the Silent Minority. The majority of Americans think Obama and the Democrats are doing fine. See most recent Gallup Poll (link provided in MSNBC article below) to confirm this.

So what's the deal with this Obstructionist Tea Party? Do these clowns really think sending a tea bag to Obama will convince him the majority of Americans think he's wrong to raise any taxes? Reality doesn't seem to affect these disaffected elephant worshippers.

I have a word of advise for these rocket scientists; come up with another image! Let's face it, Tea Bagging to protest taxes sounds pretty Gay. Perhaps it's not so ironical, as there are plenty of Republican Chicken Hawks who want to wage war, while wasting our nation's youth on their dreams of empire.

Today's the day, the so-called Silent Majority, hopes to see protests from people waving tea bags in cities across America. Perhaps this Silent Majority is really a majority of the wealthy in America who can't stand the thought of paying their fair share of taxes. Now that would be a majority from the minority of Americans. I've never seen such a bunch of cry babies. They should be passing out baby pacifiers, instead of tea bags, to their rank and file who could wear diapers to demonstrate their infantile displeasure!

As It Stands, after today I expect those wealthy, gun-toting, malcontents to come up with another event. It obvious they're going to keep ranting and fighting until the return of the good old days of the Bush regime.

Poster Image via Constitutional Emergency


From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro of MSNBC
Tea time: Who would have ever thought that a discussion of tea bags -- even used as a verb, from both the right and left -- would become a political topic, let alone a subject we’d mention in First Read.

 But here we are… On this Tax Day, some Americans are attending so-called "tea party" or "tea bag" events across the country to protest everything from tax rates and the federal bailouts, to the young Obama presidency. But let’s be clear about one thing: These tea parties are hardly non-partisan events.

While there’s certainly a grassroots component here, these parties have been co-opted by a major America political party (the RNC's Web site allows for creating send-a-tea-bag post cards to Dem leaders) and an entire cable news channel (which has been promoting the events).

The main Web site for the events today, Tax Day Tea Party, is funded by conservative groups, and a public records search shows it's registered to a conservative techie, Allen B. Fuller, who used to be a legislative correspondent for GOP Sen. Richard Shelby and who touts creating Web sites for Republican elected officials. Also reportedly involved in today’s protest events are FreedomWorks, a conservative group founded by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, and Americans for Prosperity.

*** What Republicans might stand to gain -- and lose: With its association with these “tea party” protests, the Republican Party does stand to gain here in a mechanical/process way. If it gets a huge turnout nationwide, it will be a bit of a test run for its social networking apparatus. The Tax Day Tea Party Web site, in fact, is reminiscent of what the Obama campaign was able to do with things like voter registration and grassroots meet-ups.

You can click on a state and find where there's a local tea party in any state in the country. This kind of tech savvy could pay dividends in the long run. On the other hand, this whole thing could backfire if some unsavory elements (i.e., people saying and doing some very stupid things) attend these events. Also, what happens if today’s parties don’t capture the imagination of anyone beyond the GOP amplifiers of FOX and talk radio?

Today has turned into a big test of the power of the GOP grassroots in the Obama era. The pre-game for these tea parties has seemed a bit scattershot. One can sense a hesitance from the establishment wing of the GOP about getting too involved in this movement, for the fears we've described above. Tax Day has normally been an easy P.R. hit for the GOP, but with the tea party gamble, the GOP doesn't seemed focused on good 'ol fashioned tax issues.

Obama on Tax Day: As for what President Obama is doing on Tax Day, he will deliver remarks at 11:55 am ET about “restoring fairness to the tax code,” as well as “providing tax relief to working families” in the stimulus, the White House says. How big of a political issue have taxes become?

Not much, according to a recent Gallup poll. It found that 48% of Americans think the federal income tax they pay is “about right” -- one of the highest scores on this question since Gallup began measuring it in the 1950s. The poll also found that 61% believe the federal taxes they’re paying are fair. In the last few years, the GOP has seen its advantage on the issue of taxes deteriorate, and it's something that has thrown the party for a loop -- as without taxes as a rallying cry, the GOP has found itself with fewer issues to brag to the public about.



Rose said...

Give me a break.

wealthy, gun-toting, malcontents??

Why? Because they think Legislators ought to READ a bill before they sign it? Because they don't think spending trillions upon trillions you don't have is the best solution? Because 50-60% of their income is MORE than enough already?

Jesus! That divide is bigger than I thought.

Some of the people who will be there today are your friends and neighbors.

I thought the hate was going to go away when Bush left office. Obviously not.

Rose said...

Why do only the lefty blogs have moderation enabled.

Anonymous said...


I suggest you go to Eureka and see for yourself who are there. There may be one or two "Republican Elites" as you would say but I suspect there may be many more people like your neighbors.

Regards, Mike Harvey

Dave Stancliff said...

Okay...I figured this would bring some people to the comment section.
Do you see whose putting this so-called tea party on?
See the Gallup poll on how many Americans think we're overtaxed. The numbers are lower than ever before. The conservatives putting this circus on don't seem to get that 95% of Americans are getting tax breaks. It's the wealthy - who don't think they should pay their share - that are protesting.
I'm sure I have some rich friends and neighbors who don't like being taxed, but that's their issue. I'm also sure there are people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros, and Michelle Malkin, who are leading the great tea bag protest. Their followers (as in brain-dead Fox fodder)just like to see a good show!

Like I told Rose, I'm sure I do have some wealthy friends and neighbors out there belly-aching, but so what?
I'm tired of seeing the wealthy pay less than the middle class and poor. They use their money to buy power, and to lobby against anything they don't like, and we all know that.
Then, as I suggested above, you have the Fox followers who enjoy protesting anything their idols bring up!

Thanks for both of your comments.

Dave Stancliff said...

I wasn't aware that all lefty blogs did that.

Do you think it might be a conspiracy?

Don't righty blogs do the same thing? Careful how you answer because I can quickly direct you too some examples.

How about a good way to avoid trolls?

Didn't you say you had to moderate comments at times, or I'm I totally wrong?
It seems we had this discussion recently.

Rose said...

Did you get this incensed over Earth First protests?

Do you even know any republicans?

Do you comprehend the stats on who pays the taxes?

Dave Stancliff said...

I use to get very irritated with the way Earth Firsters protested by hiding in trees and not coming down.
Their lack of respect for others always disgusted me.
But why are we talking about Earth Firsters Rose?

You wondered if I know any Republicans. As a matter of fact I know quite a few. One of them, Mike Harvey, who just happens to be my insurance agent, made a comment on this thread.

Do I comprehend what stats on who pays taxes? Please be specific. Fundamentally, taxes are necessary in a Democratic society,in my opinion. What else should be used to raise revenues in states and for the federal government?
Should we take up a collection now and then to run a school, or city government? What if no one wants to donate?
Taxes are a reality, which makes it a hard bone to chew for extremist conservatives who live in Ivory Towers of Ideology.
Do you comprehend why we have to pay taxes?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the plug...

Just to note I wasn't among the 750to a 1,000 people there. Had to man the fort. I heard from my office manager who is on her way home that there was a huge crowd in Carson City today.

Regards, Mike