Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Accepting Reality: It's a Racist World

(Displaced Yemenis flee clashes, and face imminent risk of hunger)
Quick! Name one country in the world
that doesn't have to deal with the reality of racism?

That didn't take long did it?

There is no fairytale nation that totally accepts people of all skin tones. For that matter, there's never been a perfect society since people gathered in groups to protect themselves against wild beasts.

We see constant examples of racism here in America and across the world. Just look at the worldwide response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Most of the Ukrainian evacuees are white and the majority of countries in the world are supporting them in any way possible. From military help to humanitarian aid, the world's democracies have rallied behind the besieged nation.

Now look at what's happening in Yemen. Internal divisions and a Saudi-led military intervention have spawned an intractable political, military, and humanitarian crisis.

The tiny country on the Arabian Peninsula has been the scene of grievous civilian suffering amid a terrible war.

Yemeni's have been trying to survive constant cholera outbreaks, medicine shortages, and threats of famine for seven years, with no end in sight.

With a poverty rate of around 75 percent, Yemen has long been the Arab world's poorest country. War crimes are committed daily.

Torture, arbitrary arrests, and forced disappearances are among the many war crimes perpetrated by both sides.

Name some (any) countries that are pouring massive aid in to help the Yemeni people whose suffering is easily equal to that of the Ukrainian people's?

Didn't think so. I couldn't think of anyone responding on the same scale as in the Ukraine war.

Call it what you want. I'm calling the two very different responses to humanitarian aid a perfect example of racism.

In America we have people that try to deny they're racist while busily banning books about our racist history with slavery.

By accepting the reality that we all live in a racist world it gives us the opportunity to make changes across the globe towards a better future for all.

Special thanks to my dear friend Glenn for bringing up the subject of the Yemeni's humanitarian plight, and comparing the response to the crisis in Ukraine.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Americans Have Forgotten What the Price of Freedom Is

The camera closes in as two Ukrainians exchange vows amidst a war.

They both affirm their love for each other and make commitments to always cherish one other until they die.

The camera slowly pans out as the newlywed's kiss. You can see other soldiers in full battle gear clapping. 

The newlyweds silently grab their gear and join the rest in the fight to preserve freedom in their land.

By doing so, they also affirmed their commitment to fight for freedom, regardless of the cost.   

America. Are you watching?

Have you forgotten there's a price for the freedoms we enjoy? Millions of Americans have sacrificed their lives to preserve the republic you live in.

War comes in two guises. There's a physical war where troops, tanks, and planes are employed in open combat.

Then there's propaganda wars over people's hearts and minds. Both can result in overturning governments. Both are currently threats in Ukraine and the United States of America.

Our democracy is currently facing its biggest threat since the republic was formed. Our freedoms are looking more fragile every day because of the enemy within...

Trump, and his supporters.

Americans are watching a slow-moving coup attempt by right-wing social media platforms locked into alternate realities where Trump is still president, and the Big Lie is the perfect excuse to overthrow our government and to install an authoritarian regime.

Since the Jan. 6 insurrection very little justice has been served. Courts are easily tied into knots by Trump's lawyers.

The organizers of the assault on our Capitol are walking freely in the halls of Congress despite their participation in trying to steal the 2020 election.

The mastermind of the coup attempt, Trump, is holding fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago and is still the head of the Republican party.

Trump and his loyal minions are currently supporting Putin's invasion into a democratic country. Tucker Carlson's traitorous broadcasts are playing on endless loops on Russian state TV.

Why aren't Americans pushing back harder against the Party of Trump? Why aren't there national protests against the open coup attempt unfolding every day?

What are Americans waiting for?

The courts, you say. Keep in mind that time is the enemy in getting accountability. If the party of Trump takes back Congress in November, our freedoms are at stake.

Democracy will take a devasting blow that America may never recover from.

It's been encouraging seeing Ukrainian-Americans turn out in the streets to support their besieged democracy.

Hopefully, their example will inspire us all to fight for freedom right now by speaking truth to the lies and misinformation poisoning our nation, and by holding massive protest marches against the enemy within.

Monday, March 7, 2022

'10-4! What We Have Here is a Convoy' Comparing the Movie 'Convoy' to the Freedom Convoy

Are you old enough to remember this line from a popular song called Convoy that came out in 1975?

"10-4! What we have here is a convoy!" by C.W. McCall.

Perhaps you've seen the movie version of Convoy that came out in 1978. It starred Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Burt Young, Madge Sinclair and Franklyn Ajaye.

I'm bringing up this blast out of the past today because I want to compare another Convoy that is circling Washington DC to the original convoy protest movement.

The so-called Freedom Convoy we're witnessing today is nothing more than an opportunity for right-wing nuts to create chaos and support a treasonous past president's agenda.

Their pathetic attempt at getting attention has been partially watered down by the fact that mask mandates are disappearing across the country thanks to President Biden's handling of the pandemic.

It's almost not fair comparing the 1970's version where democracy wasn't at stake. To begin with the movie was a comedy. The current convoy fiasco is basically a comedy of errors by treasonous Trump followers.

The song and movie were about truckers avoiding police speed traps set by crooked cops. At least it was based upon a real gripe. Speed traps were as common as flies back in the 1970s.

Speed traps back then were illegal (they still are) and Americans who drove trucks or passenger cars were often snared by waiting officers looking to pad city coffers and to get bonuses.

That's why the song Convoy was an instant hit holding the #1 spot for six weeks. It was based upon a real problem, unlike the current Freedom Convoy that relies upon lies about masking and getting vaccines.

To my utter disgust the Freedom Convoy starting using the Convoy song as a rallying cry in Ottawa, Canada, and now here in the states.

In the original convoy the truckers were portrayed as patriotic heroes seeking justice against illegal speed traps and corrupt officers.

They were flying American flags and it seemed like the right thing to do when standing up for people's freedoms.

The current corrupt convoy circling Washington DC is also flying flags... with Donald Trump on them. The comparison is stark, and very real. No true patriots are involved with the Freedom Convoy.

It's more accurate to call it the Chaos Convoy seeking to undermine democracy and everything those true patriots portrayed in the movie stood for.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Season for Traitors: Apps and Traps for Treasonous Trumpies

What we know about the enemy within.

Trump acolytes operate in an alternate universe.

Facts fall like frozen iguanas in the Florida winter where Trump is still the president.

Alt-right media platform apps fester like boils, always ready to deliver pus-infused propaganda to eager sheep in MAGA hats.

Trump and his supporters are driven by an authoritarian ideology that preys on fearful people. These malleable minions want a leader who defies democracy and who will put the Republican party in power for perpetuity.

Except that it's not really the Republican party. It's the party of Trump. They're not conservatives.

They're traitors who are openly trying to transform our society into a slimy sect that worships an overweight ex-TV host, and twice impeached former president.

Here's something to think about, however.

Trump and his cronies across the country are facing legal traps that may end up being their tickets to permanent residences in federal prisons.

The Jan. 6 Committee will be publicly presenting all the extensive evidence they've gathered about the insurrection in a couple of months.

Then they will turn over their findings and recommendations to the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile Trump's supporters are openly working on their next coup attempt with absolute distain by suppressing minority voters with new draconian laws designed to disenfranchise them.

Orange Kool aide drinking Trumpies are so steeped in lies that the truth blinds them, scalding them like boiling water whenever it splashes in their face.

Americans once considered Benedict Arnold the biggest traitor in our history. Trump (aka Beenadick Donald) has made him look like an errant schoolboy with the depredations he's already inflicted on our democracy.

Americans should look to the Ukrainians war with Russia. They're sacrificing their lives to preserve their democracy. They realize that it's necessary to fight against totalitarian governments seeking to seize their freedoms.

The Ukrainians fight should inspire us all in the United States of America to fight Trump and his zombie army to preserve a more perfect union.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Is Biden's Habit of Trying to Compromise with Republicans Harming Democracy?

Disclaimer: I really enjoy reading Chauncey DeVega's opinion pieces in Salon, even if I don't always agree with him. 

In an eloquent article, Chauncey DeVega praised President Biden, but thinks he's a patsy when it comes to dealing with the current Republican party.

DeVega asserted that Biden is too quick to seek "compromise" with what he sees as Fascist-Republicans. Fair enough. But let's look beyond suggesting there's no hope in compromising in politics.

If Biden were to "get tougher" with Republicans and spend his valuable time attacking them daily instead of the numerous challenges facing the nation, where would we be now?

Would we be this far in successfully battling the pandemic that has staggered the world?

Would we be in the place where nearly all the jobs lost since 2020, are back? See the February jobs report.

Would the unemployment rate be lower than the expected projections? It was 4.0 percent in January. Now it's 3.8 percent.

Make no mistake. I'm not saying everything is Jim Dandy and that the government is operating like a well-oiled machine.

In DeVega's view Biden's willingness to compromise with Republicans translates into complete capitulation.

Maybe so. Of course, there's no room to negotiate once you accuse the other party of being Nazi's. In anyone's book, those are fighting words that will extend the war between Democrats and Republicans.

To be sure, it's the American public that's taking a beating because our politicians are more concerned about holding onto their jobs than faithfully serving those who elected them.

Because the Trump-Republicans are dedicated to damaging our democracy and installing a dictator, they are a very real threat than needs addressed.

(For the record - I admit to irrationally wanting to wage all out medieval warfare against Trumpies and ignoring everything else! That's why it's good that I'm not in charge.)

The rest of the spineless Republicans who meekly submit to the crazies should be the target that Democrats use to divide the failing GOP. Don't give up on those cowards because someday the worm could turn, and the cult of Trump could collapse.

I admit that the Democrats could appear to be weaker when compared to the all-out propaganda assault in media platforms by Fascist-minded Republicans willing to ignore reality. 

Looks can be deceiving, however.

I think it's a mistake not to try and compromise. Force doesn't always equate to being right.

Anyone who thinks the Democrats have rolled over and are meekly accepting their fate hasn't been paying attention. That includes DeVega whose anger is evident in the article.

I would remind everyone there is a Jan. 6 Select Committee that's exposing those Fascist-Republicans DeVega talks about. Not to mention there's numerous lawsuits filed against Trump and his cronies regarding their assault on the nation's Capital.

With the massive amount of evidence compiled by the committee we can reasonable expect there will be an accounting for the coup attempt and collateral infractions by everyone who tried to steal the 2020 election.

I realize there's a primal fear Trump will somehow come out unscathed by the courts, but odds are something is going to stick if you look at the whole picture.

Democrats have the advantage of speaking truth to the lies perpetrated by the GOP as reality asserts itself in the mainstream national dialogue.

By suggesting, as DeVega opined, that Biden is not the fighting champion to save democracy he's undercutting him by ignoring his capacity for empathy and leadership qualities like listening and compromising.

That Biden has taken the opposite approach that Captain Bone Spurs (aka Trump the bully) did shows his maturity and ability to lead in a crisis.  

Biden has shown that he can respond forcibly to protect Democracy. Take a look at how he organized NATO and the European Union to resist Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

If Biden is guilty of anything it's that he honestly thinks he can restore America's political order. Unfortunately, it's the 21st century, not the 20th century. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Finally! The Genii is out of the Bottle. Jan. 6 Committee Says Trump Involved in Criminal Conspiracy

Ssshhhhh... do you hear that cracking sound?

It's Trump's defense giving away to the weight of the evidence against him that has surfaced in the past six weeks. 

For the first time since the Jan. 6 Committee was formed the panel has come out and directly accused Trump (and others) of being engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.

On Wednesday the committee alleged that Trump and his associates were involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election in court documents submitted to a judge.

The panel's extraordinary filing was part of a continuing legal effort to force Trump legal advisor John Eastman to disclose documents that the committee says outline a scheme to overturn the election.

By letting the Genii out of the bottle, the committee showed its confidence by displaying the evidence amassed against Trump and Eastman, to the judge.

Committee chairman Bennie Thompson and Co-Chair Liz Cheney have been hinting since January that if they think the evidence warrants it, they'll make a recommendation to the Department of Justice to indict Trump and his cohorts.

During a press conference, they both suggested that such evidence exists.


The single most damning email exchange in the new January 6 committee filing


I suspect the judge will side with the committee against Eastman's claim of client-privilege because it's cancelled when criminality is involved.

Time is the enemy of the Jan. 6 committee. Trump and his minions are playing the court delay game that's worked so well for the former twice-impeached president in the past. 

The question is, will Trump finally be held accountable for the first time in his life? The answer lies with the quiet man - Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene Answer Constituents Questions

The following coverage is provided by Far Side Broadcasting's top reporter (and moderator for the event), Icee U. Miles


"Welcome to tonight's special event with Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene! 

As previously announced, half of the audience is from Greene's district and the other half is from Boebert's district.

Let's get started with one of Boebert's constituents."

"Congresswoman Boebert, can you list what legislation you have sponsored since taking office?"

"What? Are you a wise guy or something? I sponsored hundreds of bills."

"Did any get to the floor for a vote?"

"That's it! Someone kick this RINO out of here before I sic Greene on him!"

Moderator "Moving on. Joe Blow who's in Congresswoman Greene's district, has a question."

"Congresswoman Greene, what pieces of legislation have you authored that were taken up by Congress?"

"None! And I'm damned proud of it! I spend my time standing up for people like you. The little man with no voice who is always being cancelled. I patrol the halls of Congress making sure no transexual's try to sneak in the wrong bathrooms."

Moderator: "Another question for Congresswoman Boebert."

"Will you autograph this (holds up large photo of her wearing a dominatrix outfit and holding an AR-15)? 

I promised my brother who's in prison that you wouldn't cancel him. If you want to put your private number on it, I'll make sure no one but Joe the Jabber (my bro) sees it."

Blushes before answering.

"Of course, see me at my memorabilia booth after this event is over. 

I just got a hot-selling shipment of model Jewish Space Lasers that can be assembled with Gorilla Glue."

Moderator "Another question for Congresswoman Greene."

"Congresswoman Greene, my chapter of QAnon is looking for an inspirational right-wing speaker. We're wondering if you could schedule a time to visit in the near future?

"It would be my pleasure. I've already scheduled six other QAnon venues in this district for March. Seven is my lucky number."

Moderator "Last question for Congresswoman Boebert."

"Congresswoman Boebert, what do you think about Russia invading Ukraine?"

"Russia? I thought we invaded Ukraine! Trump said so yesterday. I'll have to get back to you on this."

Moderator "Last question for Congresswoman Greene."

"Is it true that you have access to a videotape of Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin sexually assaulting a child and then ripping of the child's face to wear as a mask in a Satanic blood sacrifice?"

"You're referring to the Frazzledrip theory in 2018. I do have access to the damning videotape. Rudy Giuliani has a copy hidden in a secret place in his bedroom and Mike Lindell has a copy hidden away along with proof that the 2020 election was stolen."


"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for not puking during the Q and A, or interrupting this event with any fact-checking. I hope to see you again the next time an alt-right event like this occurs. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Alternate America: Trump Supporters Standing Up for Autocracy Not Democracy

The real Republican party has been reduced to authoritarian-loving cockroaches who have turned the party of Lincoln into a Willie Wonka factory turning out Trump supporters.

At this moment, Trump loyalists are supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a democracy. They're not speaking up for freedom, they're subverting it here at home, and now abroad.

The Trump arm of the GOP has embraced an all-out assault on America's democracy since he lost the elections a year-and-a-half ago.

Because they dominate their spineless colleagues who meekly follow them out of sheer fear, the whole party is tainted with anti-Americanism.

Alternate America is where the GOP holds their own State of the Union speech prior to the actual president's state of the union address yesterday.

Alternate America is where Republicans work to suppress the vote so they can assure themselves of victories at the ballot box.

Alternate America is where GOP politicians attend white supremist conventions (See Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar) while claiming they aren't racists.

In Alternate America Biden is the source of every grievance the Trumpies can whip up. They dedicate themselves to thwarting Biden's agenda to Build Back Better for all Americans.

Trump minions are united in their goal of creating chaos to ensure their open coup attempt is successful in the midterms and 2024. 

At times like this it's good to know that two-thirds of Americans don't support Trump and his Madhatters. This majority can, and must, turn out to vote in November.

If the majority do refute the right-wing's attempted takeover of our democracy we will preserve the republic at a crucial crossroad in history.

If the crazy minority wins, by suppressing votes and outright cheating, then we're all doomed to live in an autocratic hell. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

New Dating App for Trump Supporters

                    Cesspool of Love App          

             It was just a matter of time.

Right-wing pundits have entered the Twilight Zone via the internet, and cable news where truth is a victim of fascist propaganda.

One recent foray on the web is Trump's app Truth Social. If ever a website was misnamed... this, is it. Like Fox News, truth goes there to die a violent death. 

So, to no one's surprise, there's finally a new right-wing website that matches Trumpies up with likeminded morons.

It's called, Cesspool Love where shitheads go to flirt and mate with their own kind.

Glancing through the new members list is a revealing insight into the depravity mingled with sex offered on this new couple's dating site. 

One of the first members to sign up was Matt Gaetz whose membership name is SugarDaddy. He wondered if there were any underage girls that were interested in having a good time on a friend's private island?

Following closely behind, Lauren Boebert, aka GunGirl, seeks submissive men willing to take gun barrels up their asses. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene's persona, AvoidingJewishSpaceLasers, shows her wearing full Nazi regalia and brandishing a whip. "Looking for swingers who love swatting" the caption reads. 

Jim "Gym" Jordan's profile photo shows him in a communal shower with young men. A caption beneath says "Join me, I won't tell."

"Submissive looking for a master," is the headline on Kevin McCarthy's profile which shows him kneeling in front of the CPAC Golden Idol of Trump.

Ted Cruz's profile photo shows him on a beach in Cancun leering at women and scaring children (have you ever seen Cruz's smile?). 

I found Eric Trump's profile to be both pathetic and kinda sad. The headline under a photo of him with his front teeth fully exposed and gleaming, declared "Looking for love. Hey! Dad what do you think of me now?"

Melania Trump's membership was the biggest surprise on the new app. Her profile featured her nearly naked on a stripper pole with this description below; "Looking for a real man with big hands! Hint. Hint."

One of the most shocking profiles was Mike Pence's which stated "Let's have hot and heavy fun. Don't worry, I won't let Mother know," with a photo of him on a beach wearing a banana hammock. (If you don't know what that is you're probably better off not knowing for the sake of your sanity.)

Andy Biggs profile photo showed him clutching a sign - Wanna See my Weinie? - as he ran through the halls of Congress.

"White Fox (Mo Brooks) seeks partner to join him in hot, steaming, sultry, denials of reality while joining games like nude pin-the-tail on the donkey, and who can remember what day it is?

Another profile asked, "Looking for lust in all the wrong places? Lust no more. I'm a young hot guy who doesn't care what species he has sex with. Remember, vote for Madison Cawthorn!"

A word of warning to Cesspool Love's management. 

I just discovered there's a Walmart Dating app that's bound to compete with you for members.


I realize there's only so much a person can take without puking. You can take it from here, should you choose. Go to Cesspool Love... another parody By Dave, on As It Stands.

Join me on Twitter @AsItStands63

Monday, February 28, 2022

To Russia with Love at CPAC: Trump GOP Praises Putin. Another Big Step for Fascism

In case you thought it was just Trump who is infatuated with Putin guess again.

He's been joined by his Republican minions lately who all think he and Putin are "geniuses."

The smiling young lady in the photo is proudly waving a Russian flag with her master's name on it. 

This is part and parcel of the love fest held at this year 's CPAC Conference for Putin. Trump praised his buddy and the bobbleheads in the audience cheered.

Welcome to alternative America where Russians are suddenly the good guys and to be admired.

To give this weird twist of events historical prospective, Russia has been America's enemy since WW II ended and the Cold War began.

The Western nations are unified against Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine.

Democratic countries realize that Putin's naked grab for his neighbor's country is a threat to ALL Democratic nations who value freedoms.

The Republican party decided to part with democracy since electing Trump. Their move towards fascism has been picking up steam since Russia's unwarranted attack against the Ukrainian people.

Some Republicans are speaking out against Russia's aggression, but their protests are merely pap because they won't call the crazies to account.

Who ever thought Americans would be praising a tyrant like Putin whose out to decapitate democracy and enslave millions in new autocratic satellites of Russia? 

We've actually sunk this low.

It's shameful for a lot of reasons. The Big Lie has paved the way towards a fascist government run by a narcissistic sociopath who couldn't accept losing a fair election.

Reagan is probably turning over in his grave.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Erick Trump's Dinner with Jesus Christ

After appearing on right-wing Candace Owens' show Eric Trump claimed he had a Road to Damascus moment afterwards.

During the show Owens asked him who he'd like to have dinner with? Someone living, or dead? Eric thought about it for a second before replying "Jesus. That's good right?" he timidly inquired. 

"Interesting," the right-wing host said softly and changed the subject. 

So, here's what Eric said happened after the show.

As he was being driven home Jesus Christ suddenly appeared next to him in the back seat of the limousine.

Eric admitted he was tongue-tied for a few moments before he thought to ask him if he'd like to go out to dinner with him?"

Jesus nodded yes.

"Then McDonalds it is. It's my dad's favorite place to eat."

When they arrived, Eric got out before the chauffeur and hurried over to the opposite door to open it for the son of God. But low and behold! He was already sitting at a table next to the area for kids to play.

After Eric ordered two Big Macs, fries, and two Cokes, he sat down, and Jesus blessed the meal.

Eric described the glow around Jesus as awesome while secretly wondering if he was radioactive.

Overcome with curiosity Eric blurted out, "Is my dad going to be sitting on the right side of your throne when he dies and goes to Heaven?"

Jesus's reply was censored by Eric when he recounted the experience to MAGA listeners willing to sit down and hear his story.

That wasn't the end of the story, however. There was a leak.

The chauffeur, who sat at a small table next to them told his friends he heard the conversation between Jesus and Eric about his dad.

"Who is your dad?" asked Jesus.

"Donald Trump, a former president of the United States," Eric proudly replied.

"I'm sorry my son, but his name isn't on the great list. But I do know who I'd check with to see where your father is going when he passes from this earthly realm."

The chauffeur watched Eric look down at the floor and mumble, "At least he'll be with his family and followers."

About Precious Time in Our Lives

Overheard; " There's not enough time in the day." And   "Time is moving faster as I grow older." Then I read that,  ...