Thursday, April 23, 2009

History shows there's hope for struggling newspapers today!

From the ALL VIEWS web site  today:

By Dave Stancliff
My first job as an editor of a weekly newspaper, The Desert Trail in Twentynine Palms, gave me the opportunity to meet Bill Underhill, an old-time newspaper publisher, and one of the first homesteaders in the area in1928.

Bill Underhill established The Desert Trail in 1935 and sold it many years later when he retired. It’s now owned by Brehm Communications, Inc. Bill still lived in Twentynine Palms when I arrived in 1981.

I got to talk with him and his wonderful wife Prudie, who was still very active in the community, many times.
Their mom-and-pop business thrived for so many years that they became a rich part
of the town’s history. Read the rest here.

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Signs of the Times? Homeland Security preparations parodied

  • Left - If you are trapped under falling debris, conserve oxygen by not farting. Middle - If your intended destination is suddenly vaporized, consider pulling over and watching the cool light show. Right - If your building collapses, climb under your table and practice yoga postures.
  • To see more signs go to this parody site

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Step right up and scope out Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art Gallery!

   TITLE: American Gothic

 DESCRIPTION: A little Grant Wood action. American   Gothic has always been one of my favorite paintings, but I was surprised at how much is in the painting I hadn't noticed. Nothing like trying to copy a master's work to reveal its subtleties.

 CREDITS: Scott Wade

 Click here to visit Scott's site that displays a whole lot more of his fantastic dirty car art. Be prepared to be impressed.

Marijuana: The herb that keeps on giving....

SexPot: Want to Have Great Sex? Smoke a Joint

By Josey Vogels, My Messy Bedroom. Posted April 18, 2009.

Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years.

So what exactly is it about weed that turns people on?

 Click here to see article in AlterNet.

Here are some weird laws that are on the books in Ohio...

In Akron - It is illegal to display colored chickens for sale.

I think you'll find the following laundry list of weird laws in Ohio interesting.

Here they are at Weird Facts          Photo via Smashz's Photostream

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perry had a creepy feeling that someone was watching him!

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Reality TV: When do producers go too far for good ratings?

This is my first article with ALL VIEWS online publication. I hope you enjoy it.


By Dave Stancliff
Popular reality shows on television are about as real as the tooth fairy.

I hope this doesn’t come as too harsh a shock to hardcore fans seeking escape from their own reality. It’s just an uneasy fact.

Read the whole column here

Blogger Blather: A few notes and some surprises this morning...

I was surprised to see my column from last September (14th) Judge says Feds violated 10th Amendment by subverting State Marijuana Laws - on the Times-Standard 10 Most Read list this morning (#3 at 9 a.m.)

Last year this column was the Most Read Online story. It went viral instantly.

To see this same column pop up again today tells me there's currently a blog, or blogs, that are featuring the column. Like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going.

I'd like to thank my most recent Follower, Ginabobina, for picking this blog to read.

I also was surprised to see national Opinion columnist and chief mergers and acquisitions reporter for The New York Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin, is following my blog via Twitter. I got an email this morning to that effect. Now,I just have to figure out what this Twitter stuff is all about. My ignorance is boundless, when it comes to new technology! 

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KUDO FOR THE DAY: there's a good opinion piece by James Faulk in today's Times-Standard on Page A-4 A Day Without Reporters - that talks about the importance of newspapers and reporters in our society. I've been working on a column about newspapers, and how they are going to survive in today's fierce media competition, so I read Faulk's column with great interest. His points about reporters in the trenches is right-on. For those of you who enjoy attacking newspapers and reporters, I suggest you read this article. You might have a change of mind. If not, you'll at least be aware of a reality in the reporting world of newspapers, blogs, television, and radio.

HOW POPULAR IS MY COLUMN - As It Stands - IN THE T-S THIS YEAR? LAST YEAR? LAST MONTH? WHAT'S HOT? WHAT'S CONTROVERSIAL? TOP SCORING? Click here to get the answers from the Times-Standard's own files.

ONE FINAL NOTE: I got this email a little while ago, and it just seems to be the theme of the day for me:

Hi ,
I came across your blog  at It is very well written and interesting. I like how you have explored the topic. If you are interested, I would like to extend an invitation to join All Voices. It's a citizen journalist site. We discuss, debate and write about everything under the sun here.The site has a lot of people who are passionate about writing and use this as a tool to make a difference.
All Voices also has an incentive program for writers who can earn up to $10,000 cash. You can visit for more details and do register if you are interested.

Children and Video Games: Experts look at possibility of addiction!

I've watched my grandchildren play with video games and have been amazed at their dexterity and comprehension of the games intricacies.

This morning I ran across an article on the subject that I'm going to share with you.

From the Washington Post:

Video-game addiction a real problem, study finds

By Donna St. George | The Washington Post
April 21, 2009

"A new study concludes that children can become addicted to playing video games, with some youths skimping on homework, lying about how much they play and struggling, without success, when they try to cut back.
In what is described as the first nationally representative study in
the U.S. on the subject, researcher Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University found that 8.5 percent of American youths ages 8 to 18 who play video games show multiple signs of behavioral addiction.
"For some kids, they play in such a way that it becomes out of balance. And they're damaging other areas of their lives, and it isn't just one area, it's many areas," said Gentile, a psychologist and assistant professor whose study was posted online Monday by the journal Psychological Science."

Read the whole story here.

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Are You Extremely Proud to be an American? Then You're in the Minority

Just 36% of Americans   recently told Gallup pollsters they were extremely proud to be an American.  That's the lowest percentage   sinc...