Tuesday, May 7, 2024

13 Trump Appointed Judges Try Bullying Columbia University Law Students ...Just Because

      A group of Trump appointed judges are vowing to not hire Columbia University law students or undergraduates because they don't approve of the way the school handled pro-Palestinian demonstrators recently.

A dissatisfied collection of conservative judges primarily from Texas (why aren't I surprised?) sent a letter to Columbia President Minouche Shafik and the dean of Columbia's law school Gilliam Lester on Monday.

In the letter they outlined their position accusing the campus of being "ground zero for the explosion of student disruptions, antisemitism and hatred for diverse viewpoints on campuses across the country." 

One of the MAGA loving judges, Matthew Kacsmaryk, is best known for issuing an order blocking broader access to the abortion pill mifepristone. The case has gone to the Supreme Court and will be tried in July.

Kacsmaryk, like other Trump appointed judges are the vanguard of a movement to completely corrupt our judicial system. 

Judge Aileen Cannon who is presiding over Trump's stolen documents case in Washington DC, is another scary example of how Trump's vile influence has spread in the court system.

So, in summary we have a disgruntled bunch of Trump judicial minions who want to punish a college with a rich history of protests because they didn't like the way things went down there recently.

While scolding the administration in the letter they called out for a system that would identify student protestors and punish them so "employers can avoid hiring them.

Is it just me, or does that sound like gestapo tactics?

Trying to justify their ban the judges wrote that they are protecting employers, "who are forced to assume the risk that anyone they hire from Columbia may be one of those disruptive and hateful students."

This won't be the end of Trump judges bullying universities because they don't like the way they're run. Depending on what happens with Columbia there could soon be more quasi-judicial assaults against upper education in America.

Trump appointed judges carrying out his agenda, need to be held accountable for their unjust service to the public. 

Judge Cannon has been repeatedly smacked down by the 11th Circuit for unconstitutional rulings, but she continues to be on the case and helping Trump out in any way she can.

As it Stands, conservatives have traditionally been at odds with colleges because they present diverse viewpoints, something they hate. Add Trump Judges and you can see where our judicial system is heading... over a cliff!




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