Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Holiday Blog Break Time

In the spirit of the holidays, 

I'm taking a break from posting content this month.

Here's the holidays ahead:

Dec. 7 - Hanukkah

Dec. 21 - Yule

Dec. 23 - Festivus

Dec. 25 - Christmas

Dec. 26 - Kwanzaa

Dec. 31 - New Year's Eve

Inside this blog

Go to the right side of the page to read prior posts dating back to 2009.  

Do you enjoy poetry and fiction? I have some for you here at my other blog The Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff.

Big heartfelt thanks to my regular readers from around the world this year. I look forward to reconnecting with you in January 2024.

As it stands, Happy Holidays to all and may there be Peace on Earth.

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