Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Stewart Spanks Congress: Stands Up For 911 Responders

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People like to cry over spilled milk, but I cry every time I spill my coffee.” Anthony Liccione 
We live in an era of shame brought about by politicians with no ethics or morals. 

(Update below)

It's no longer about doing the right thing. Everything is a binary choice. Win, or lose. 

When my friend Larry sent me a link to Jon Stewart addressing Congress yesterday, I almost shed tears. 

"Accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber," Stewart said, "and, I'm sorry if I sound angry and undiplomatic, but I am angry and you should be too."

I know I was angry hearing about the difficulties the 911 Victim Compensation Fund has gone through with Congress's lackadaisical responses, coming up short of what's needed, and dragging their feet on releasing funds.

To me, this is another metaphor for when old men send young men to war. When they come home no one cares about their needs. 

Those 911 responders put everything on the line without hesitation. But their deeds are already receding into history along with their needs. 

When most of the members of Congress didn't show up to hear from those first responders in the hearing, it was a show of disrespect.

Stewart made sure they knew it too. His passionate speech -
calling out the "callous indifference and rank hypocrisy" of Congress members who once tweeted, "Never Forget 9/11" are robbing the responders of their 'most valuable commodity': Time, the one thing they're running out of."

The hearing was on a bill that would ensure funding for health benefits for responders for the next 70 years.

It was the first time I ever saw a speaker in the chamber receive a standing ovation. Those members of the House that did show up looked on from their seats sheepishly, fully aware they weren't doing their job.

UPDATE: House panel passes 9/11 Bill After Stewart testimony

Thank you, Jon Stewart!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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