Thursday, November 15, 2018

Seems Like Everyone's Testy Lately

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While enjoying the taste and aroma of my first cup of coffee this morning it occurred to me that everyone seems really testy lately.

Recent example: a woman assaulted a manager at McDonald's because she didn't give her enough ketchup packets. Testy, testy. Now the police are looking for the attacker.

How about Melania Trump? She's suddenly decided to wield her power and get rid of a top security official with whom she's clashed with in the past.

He office released a statement that deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel "no longer deserves the honor of serving this White House." 

Her dramatic intervention sparked speculation that the first lady was at odds with her husband, was overstepping her role and that the East Wing was going rogue. Testy...testy.

In another vivid example of being short-tempered, Trump clashed with CNN reporter Jim Acosta in a testy exchange that led to the White House banning Acosta from press briefings.

That unconstitutional move, based upon a rigged video shared by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (WH propaganda puppet not afraid of lying for Trump), was met with strong pushback from CNN lawyers and every news organization in the country (including Fox News!).

The matter went to court yesterday. I'm waiting for the judges decision today.

The recount of votes in Florida has absolutely brought out a slew of testy Republicans who want to steal the election. 

Gov. Scott (who just happens to be running for a senate seat) tried to sue to stop the recount, but was rebuffed by the courts who warned him against any more partisan interference. Testy, testy.

I could go on, but you see where I'm going with these testy exchanges. Americans are tired and stressed out after nearly two years of Trump's assault on everything this country stands for.

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