Thursday, July 5, 2018

Justice Catches Up To Jordan: GOP Firebrand Involved in Scandal

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U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and Joe Paterno have something in common; they both ignored the sexual abuse of male athletes while coaching college sports.

News reports of an investigation of sexual misconduct at Ohio State surfaced a few days ago. The time period when the abuse happened was while Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach. The team doctor then was Richard Strauss, who also held the title for 13 other sports.

Strauss was molesting male athletes for years. It was common knowledge among all the male athletes. They were afraid of speaking up, and losing their scholarships.

The investigation has been going on for more than a year after two ex-wrestlers, Mike DiSabato and Dunyasha Yetts filed formal claims (included the fact Jordan was aware of what was going on).

Ohio State University has not released any details about the claims but said more than 150 former students and witnesses have been interviewed thus far. They expect more to come forward.

Jordan's office claims it never received a request for an interview, but would be glad to arrange one with the investigative team. No date has been given as of this writing.

GOP members of Congress were stunned to hear their hero was involved in such nasty business. Right now you could gather most of the Republicans in Congress and ask them what they think about the allegations...and you'd hear a pin drop!

GOP Speaker Paul Ryan's spokesman, Doug Andres, said the university has "rightly initiated a full investigation into the matter" and the speaker "will await the findings of the inquiry." 

That's Republican code for, "Oh shit! Now what?"

The founder of the conservative Freedom Caucus and potential contender for speaker when Ryan retires, is up to his ass in a growing scandal that will only get worse.

There's already witnesses that say Jordan knew what was going on in during the eight years he served as assistant coach. Strauss was a sick joke shared by all the jocks who feared to challenge his authority during Jordan's time at the college.

I'm amused by the irony that this conservative so-called firebrand, and man who loves conspiracies (his own and others) is now being exposed as an enabler to a sex pervert.

Let's see you wrestle, and lie your way out of this one Jim-bo!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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