Thursday, February 8, 2018

WH Soap Opera Fans Tune In To Another Sleazy Drama

Good Day World!

Let's start the day with another episode of Cirque Du Trump, staring aides who have been bad.

Opening scene: 

A top aide to Trump, Rob Porter is resigning under a cloud of spousal abuse. 

After months of the White House claiming that Porter was full of integrity and honor, it only took one day for the White House PR machine to flip-flop from that position like a dying carp.

In case you're wondering why the sudden change of mind it has to do with the fact that Trump and company knew about his abuse against his two former wives, but covered it up.


Perhaps because Porter and another trusted Trump aide, Hope Hicks, were "dating." Juicy stuff.

How's that for good soap opera material?

Stay tuned. I'm sure there's more.

Coming up next:

The Three-Ring Budget Drama

Loathing and lies, as lawmakers scramble to come up with a budget.

Watch who screws who, in delicate backroom negotiations worthy of a Banana Republic. 

Added tension: Will Trump get his shutdown?

Will the Dems give up and make a deal without DACA included?

Will Trump get his Wall?

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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