Sunday, November 5, 2017

Who Cares If There's Less News and More Trash in the Media?

                                     Good Day World!

Who cares if Sarah Hyland's character on Modern Family is bisexual? 

Who cares if a mother goes from size 22 to 2 to inspire her daughter?

Who cares if Luke revisits the Millennium Falcon in a Star Wars ad?

Who cares if when Pope Francis prays he sometimes falls asleep?

Someone must, or the media wouldn't run these stupid stories. That, or they're just page fillers designed for millennials whose famous lack of focus and love of graphics is well known.

It's bad enough that we are in the age of fake stories, but watching the growing emergence of nonsensical stories in the mainstream media that should only be run in rags like The National Inquirer, is like witnessing the execution of good journalism.

I don't go to The Washington Post political section to read about what Oprah Winfrey's latest good deed was. Yet, there it is, sharing stories like, Republicans manage to make the tax code more complicated.

The publishers answer to the decline in readership in newspapers is to run less actual news stories, and more pablum for the masses.

I guess retired old newspapermen, like myself, are the only one's who give a damn these days. It's not easy watching an American institution sink into the swamp without a whimper.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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