Thursday, August 31, 2017

Celebrating Our 43rd Anniversary With A Few Tips

Good Day World!

My world changed for the better on August 31st, 1974. That's when Shirley and I got married.

A few thoughts on staying together:

* Always communicate, no matter how angry you are at the moment. Never go to bed angry. Period. The anger just simmers and boils over the next day if you don't.

* Mutual respect. This attitude is often overlooked. Even when you don't agree with a stance your partner has taken on a subject, never turn it into an argument.

* Don't let politics divide you, especially in the Age of Trumpism. There's no subject worth that. If politics are an issue, choose not to discuss them.

* Give each other space. There's nothing wrong with pursuing different pastimes separately as long as they are within reason and don't lead to separation. There's a fine line here.

* The best advise I can give you is be friends. Best friends. Don't let that ever change. 

* Make a habit of finding time to pursue joint interests. Anything from going to yard-sales to going to concerts qualifies.

* Finally, life is too short. Try to live each day to the fullest as loving partners.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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