Friday, June 30, 2017

We Need To Go 'Old School' With A Paper Trail In Every State

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Lawmakers need to make a quick, but thorough, change in the nation's electoral process before 2018.

That mean's taking some immediate action. While Trump and cronies drag their feet in making improvements to safeguard our system, Putin's pals are working on improving their successful cyber attacks in 2016 for the next round in 2018.

Meanwhile, Trump has appointed some sketchy minions to a so-called Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. This is the only thing he's done to address the threat to our voting system.

How credible do you think this commission is going to be?

It's vice-chair, Kris Kobachwas sanctioned by a federal judge last week for his “deceptive conduct and lack of candor” in a voting rights case brought against him.

Don't expect this commission to even mention Russia.

Rest assured, it will have no credible facts to back up it's claims.

The safest, and best way to protect our nation's voting process is to go with a paper trail system. It's time to go old school.


There's 29 states that use a paper ballot election system according to BallotPedia

In some cases states have a paper ballot combined with voting machines.

That means just 21 more states have to convert to paper before the next elections. Not an impossible task. 

But, Congress needs to act swiftly, in a bi-partisan fashion to assist the states that need a voting system involving paper.

Experts all agree paper is a lot safer than letting some 400-pound hacker in a Russian basement screw with our computerized voting system.

The solution is simple. I'm waiting....

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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