Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Donny's Revenge: Take that Obama! Take That World!

Good Day World!

Let's get one thing straight about Trump; he could care less if our planet is heating up. 

He's 70 years-old and will be lucky to be around for another decade. It is, after all, all about Trump and his enormous ego.

In Trump's little world he's always winning. That can mean just about anything. He gave the world the finger when it came time to unite against global warming.

He thinks global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese (which doesn't stop his daughter Ivanka from manufacturing her products there). 

Donny doesn't like smart people. Most didn't vote for him during the election.

When all those smart ass scientists told Donny global warming is a serious problem he stuck his stubby fingers into his ears and hummed "Dixie Land."

Backing out of the Paris Climate agreement was also promised red meat for his science-denying supporters during the campaign.

Heads of industry (the very one's Trump claims he's doing a favor for) wanted him to honor America's commitment to the rest of the world to cut back on toxic emissions. 

Even greedy CEO's recognized it's a fight that we've all got an investment in.

The Paris plan was largely a symbolic agreement. Recognition that there's only one earth and we ALL need to protect it.

Only two countries in the world did not commit to the Paris Climate agreement. Nicaragua and Syria. Thanks to Donny, America has now joined those two losers.

Is this part of Donny's plan to Make America Great? I wonder. Strange company to say the least.

I suspect the real reason he pulled out of the Paris agreement was because President Obama signed it, and Donny's on a mission to destroy our environment for the sake of business...and to repeal whatever Obama did in office.

You see Donny's ego was bruised many years ago by Obama's jokes about him during a press luncheon. 

By wiping out all traces of Obama's legacy, Donny thinks he's winning. The rest of us know we're losing a battle to protect our planet thanks to a vengeful man-boy.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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