Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Panic Sets In As Comedians Realize Trump Routines Won't Go On Forever

Good Day World!

I read an article in The Washington Post yesterday  that suggested the Trump-inspired comedy bubble is about to burst.

I agree with the contention that teasing the same clown becomes monotonous at some point - can you imagine another 1000 days of Trumpisms?

I go one step further than this well-written premise by the Post's Hank Stuever however. 

There will be nothing to laugh at because Americans will be too terrified to laugh any more. Trump's clown makeup is nearly melted off.

The authoritarian asshole is almost fully emerged, as he tries to bully Congress, all 18 national security agencies, and our court systems. 

And of course, the media.

There's nothing funny about war.

Nothing funny about sending your children overseas to risk their lives when Trump may be using them as a diversion from his own corrupt administration.

Nothing funny about losing health care so Trump can claim some hollow victory.

Nothing funny about picking fights that may end up in a nuclear holocaust because of a thin-skinned president.

Nothing funny about Trump saying he would be "honored" to meet with North Korea's dictator in an interview yesterday.

As the era of Trump sinks in, Americans won't keep laughing at his lack of ethics - both business and moral - or that he's got an orange face from daily exposure to artificial sunlight.

The majority of the country will be trying to survive as corporations thrive.

Survival isn't funny.

As each agonizing day of Trump's regime rolls back environmental safety standards, or goes after minority immigrants like badgers, there will be no one smiling...

except Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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