Sunday, May 28, 2017

He's Back! World Glad To See Trump Go Home

Good Day World!

Hold on a moment...I'm counting how many friends Trump made on his Magical Mystery Tour...

The answer is; zero.

Remember that King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Trump were already buddies putting together business deals. So he doesn't count.

So, what happened on Donny's Big Adventure? What deals were made? 

Pause. No diplomatic deals.

Signing a big arms contract between the Pentagon and Saudi Arabia, is hardly a diplomatic coup. We've been selling them, and other countries in the Middle East, arms for decades.

Trump wouldn't committee to the landmark agreement the U.S. has ready made during the Paris climate accord. He certainly didn't make any new friends at the G7 summit. 

One of Trump's favorite lackeys, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, went with him to the first stage of the tour; Saudi Arabia.

When he returned to the U.S. the next day he gleefully gloated that "There was not a single hint of a protester anywhere during the whole time we were there. Not one guy with a bad placard," to CNN.

Just to enlighten Wilbur, I would like to point out that protesters in Saudi Arabia lose their heads. Hence, no one protests.

Too bad Wilbur didn't stay with the Trump troop through the rest of the trip. 

From Tel Aviv to Taormina, protesters took to the streets as Trump stomped through their countries, shoving and name-calling.

Now that he's back, watch the spin on Donny's first foreign adventure.

Read some headlines in the newspapers today. 

You'll see an entirely different account of the tour from conservative sources - such as Fox and Friends - who will be gushing about Donny's statesmanship.

Meanwhile, Donny has to face the music here. The Russia probe is expanding, and not going away.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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