Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump Dumps: The Price I Pay For Following Trump's Antics

Good Day World!

I reached the saturation point on Trump stories nine months ago. 

Yet, I'm still blogging about the orange vulgarian every.

That's because I try to discuss and share things that are topical. But I'm paying a price for reporting on Herr Trump. 

I have bouts of Trump dumps (see toilet paper above) where I get depressed thinking about him in the Oval Office. 

As an old school journalist who didn't have to deal with the fake news explosion on the Internet, I was able to maintain a neutral stance when writing news stories back in the day.

When I wrote opinion pieces, I always made sure to back up my facts (just like the news stories) and to present a reasonable argument.

After retiring (I was a newspaper editor and publisher) in the early 1990's I pursued a number of new hobbies. However, I still had that itch to communicate with the written word.

So I started this blog.

Nowadays I have to admit it's hard for me to be neutral when I'm dealing with Trump news stories, or opinions. The Fifth column has collapsed thanks to the Tweeter-In-Chief.

Trump's attacks against the press feel personal to me. When I watch him lie without blinking an eye, I know he's a sociopath.

I also know he's taking this country down a dark path. And that's why I'll continue to write about Chump and hold his orange ass to the fire!

I intend to document Donny Little Hand's days in office - however long that may be - so that future generations don't make the same mistake.

In that effort, I'll be joined by millions of other Americans who plan to resist Trump's tyranny through protests and other ways of getting the message out.

As for those Trump supporters who keep saying "get over it," I would remind them of the last eight years that Republicans have spent complaining about Obama.

In case anyone has forgotten, the GOP pledged to resist Obama's presidency from Day One. Can you say Democratic Deja vu?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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