Friday, November 4, 2016

Horse Sense, Exorcisms, Navel Contemplation, Love, a Naked Society, and Visine

Good Day World!

I allow my brain to wander freely throughout most of the day like a horse grazing on a grassy knoll.

I chew on wandering thoughts and sometimes write them down. 

Odd thoughts. Scenarios off the beaten path.Trivia so trivial that it doesn't bare a good conversation.

Like Visine for your eyes. I don't question that it works for redness of the eyes, but I am wondering how sales are going these days?

What? Think about it. Marijuana is becoming so widely used in America that people no longer have to hide their stony red eyes.

That must account for a decrease. I can't see (pun intended) how it wouldn't.

In order to purge ourselves after this nasty presidential election, there should be national bonfires containing election signs and mass exorcisms!  

If I believed half of what's being fed to me via the mainstream and social media, it would be time to shave off all of my hair, don a burlap bag, and hike barefoot to the nearest mountain top to contemplate my navel.

If everyone walked around naked, social classes would disappear and there would be less sex crimes. Or, there would be a lot of mass orgies!

One more thought.

Love is not a meme. Real love is a gift from one person to another. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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