Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Chance Of A Fair Presidential Election Is Looking Dimmer Every Day

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I don't believe there's ever been a presidential election in this country where our votes were more likely to be nullified for numerous reasons.

Let's start with hacking. The FBI has come out and said Russia has been hacking our electoral system.

How Russian Hackers Could Disrupt the U.S. Election

The weakening of the Voting Rights Act is playing a major part in this year's election. Jurisdictions with significant histories of voter discrimination don't have to "pre-clear" any new voting practices or procedures with the Department of Justice anymore.

A direct consequence from the weakening of the VRA is apparent in this year's election. With less official voting monitors present, accountability is taking a major hit.

Stepping right into that opening, Donald Trump, is urging his followers to patrol polling places. Trump has made the demonization of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities a hallmark of his campaign.

Richard Cohen at the Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Trump's recruitment of poll watchers is being promoted by white supremacists on Stormfront, perhaps the world's most prominent neo-Nazi website.

What's happening is voter descrimination has gotten out of hand with the gutting of the VRA and the rise of alt right groups supporting Trump.

It's going to be challenging enough to pick a candidate. Clinton and Trump have proven to be the least credible major presidential candidates in history.

I have a strong hunch that whoever gets elected, accusations of voting fraud and a rigged election will continue for the next four years!

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