Sunday, August 28, 2016

Memo To Colin Kaepernick: Play Politics On Your Own Time, It's Time To Play Football!

Good Day World!

Word to 49ers fans; your quarterback Colin Kaepernick sucks!

Instead of concentrating on holding his job as his stock diminishes, Kaepernick has decided to play politics in what should be a no-politic zone - football.

I'm sick and tired of rich athletes protesting about shit. They get paid more money than the majority of Americans and the least they can do is separate football (or any other sport) from political rhetoric and grandstanding.

Get this straight Kaepernik; I watch football to have a good time. All the rest of the world's bullshit is stacked outside the door for another time.

So, don't sit your politically correct ass down every game this season. Stand up for the National Anthem. You don't have to sing along or anything, just stand so controversy doesn't ruin America's favorite sport.

Keep your world view to yourself. I don't care. You want to be an activist? That's fine. Do it on your own time.

I'm not watching the 49er's play this season to join a parade of Black Lives Matters activists. Just do what your paid for. 

Your sorry ass will eventually be benched anyway, because you are a crappy quarterback! 

Until then, I'll be watching the new LA Rams make history.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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