Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's entirely possible that the upcoming elections could be anyone

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Our voting systems are vulnerable to attack and an outsider could disrupt this year's presidential election.

We know the Russians were hacking away at the Democratic National Committee servers like evil little elves before the convention.

But Russia is just one player who'd like to tamper with our political elections . 

There's no telling how many hackers of every nationality, and in America, who could go after our voting system like a pack of dogs on the trail of a rabbit.

Fact: Illinois election officials had to shut down the state's voter registration database recently after discovering it had been hacked.

Fact: In June, Arizona took it's voter registration system offline after the FBI warned it was probably hacked.

Fact: A security analyst, David Levin, was arrested in May after he gained access to the Lee County, Fla., elections website.

One non-profit group has been warning people that a fully electronic voting system can be tampered with. According to Pamela Smith, president of Verified Voting, we better take steps now to fully secure our current system.

Smith said:

 "If you can get at an election management system, you could potentially alter results, or muddy up the results, or you could even just shed doubt on the outcome because you make it clear that there's been tampering."

The takeaway:

It's clear that only systems backed up with a paper trail can be trusted according to Verified Voting's research.

Smith also cautioned:

More states are allowing overseas and military voters to cast their ballots online — another opportunity for mischief. She recommends that absentee voters send their ballots in the mail instead.

It's bad enough that we have two extremely unpopular presidential candidates, but to have the very basis of our Democracy compromised is totally unacceptable.

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