Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chicago (And America) Is Losing The War Against Domestic Terrorists

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Things weren't this bad in Chicago since Al Capone ruled the roost there.

Just last weekend there was a 14-hour stretch of violence that left one person shot in the city every 33 minutes, according to the Chicago Tribune. The total count for the weekend; 4 killed, and 35 wounded.

Regardless of Donald Trump's crazy claim to end the violence in one week by letting police get "tougher" on crime, it isn't going to happen.

Consider: There's one hundred gangs (aka domestic terrorists) in Chicago. If that isn't reason enough to be worried, things have gotten considerably worse in the last year.

Some startling statistics according to Chicago police:

* There's been more than 2000 shooting incidents so far this year - a 48 percent increase over the same period last year and a 73 percent spike from the same period two years ago.

* Killings in Chicago have shot up more than 300 percent compared with this time last year.

What's happening in Chicago? National headlines faithfully give regular body counts. It reminds me of Vietnam. That's about all the recognition the dire situation in Chicago seems to warrant however.

Americans are obsessed with foreign terrorists. Meanwhile we turn a blind eye on our domestic terrorists. Americans are being shot down like cattle in Chicago every week (and across the nation) and people are worrying about ISIS.

Maybe we ought to start worrying about what's actually happening here in America.

There's no national headlines about sucesses in fighting the gangs because Chicago is losing the war.

It's like the rest of America has turned it's back on a major city that has become more dangerous than a third world country at war.

Chicago isn't the only city in America that has domestic terrorists (aka gangs). There's over 33,000 gangs and an estimated 1.5 million gangbangers roaming the cities and rural areas.

If we want to make America safe again then we better take it back from the domestic terrorists who are threatening our lives daily.

That calls for a detailed plan of action.

10 of the most lethal gangs in America

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