Monday, July 18, 2016

A Deadly Trend: Police Being Targeted By Angry Blacks

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I'm grieving over three more police officers who were ambushed and killed in the line of duty in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, yesterday.

I'm still grieving over the five officers ambushed and murdered in Dallas recently.

I'm really concerned that we're looking at a deadly trend. When President Obama spoke about the latest cop killings he hinted that a dangerous trend needs to be reversed.

Four individuals were arrested last week for planning an ambush against law enforcement.

The perpertrators were all black. One was as 13-years old. They robbed a pawn shop, taking pistols. They planned to kill as many white cops as possible before being caught.

The Dallas shooter was black and admitted he wanted to kill white cops

The shooter who was killed in Baton Rouge Sunday was an ex-Marine who fought in Afghanistan. He was black, and a member of the Nation of Islam.

I grew up in times of racial unrest - Watts, California, etc. Yet I've never seen a trend like this against law enforcement. Targeting cops is a sure sign of decay in any society.

So, how do we bring blacks and law enforcement to a reconciliation?

You have young black men in this country who are profiled by law enforcement and much more likely to be shot by cops than whites.

You have cops who rightly feel they are under assault from a public they've sworn to defend. As "police racism" grows we've seen ambushes of cops in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Georgia, along with Texas and Louisiana.

That is a deadly trend with no end in sight. 

The very fabric of our society is being torn apart in this increasingly deadly conflict between blacks and law enforcement.

Here's what we have to keep in mind; both the blacks and law enforcement have legitimate points. Both have gripes that need to be addressed by cooler heads.

Here's a couple of good articles on the subject:

It's Time To Mend The Ties Between Police And The Black Community

The Simple Strategies That Could Fundamentally Change How Communties View The Police

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