Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boobs and Haboops: Ignorance on Display

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Some boobs in Texas recently got butt hurt when the US National Weather Service  said a haboob was rapidly approaching the Lubbock airport and might affect the city as well.

The problem? Take a look at these quotes from the National Weather Service's Lubbock FaceBook page. You might want to make sure you're sitting for this:

John Fullbright wrote:
 "Haboob!?! I’m a Texan. Not a foreigner from Iraq or Afghanistan. They might have haboobs but around here in the Panhandle of TEXAS, we have Dust Storms. So would you mind stating it that way. I’ll find another weather service."

Brenda Daffern wrote:
"In Texas, nimrod, this is called a sandstorm. We’ve had them for years! If you would like to move to the Middle East you can call this a haboob. While you reside here, call it a sandstorm. We Texans will appreciate you."

Tom Reinio wrote:
"I for one cannot wait until those gosh darn democrats get swept out of office cause you know the Donald will not allow those Islam loving words to be used in the good ole US of A. We have a new haboob on the way...and his name is Trump, the biggest haboob in the world!!!"

For the rest of you Texans who agree with these three, you should probably know that the Weather Service's use of "haboob" was entirely appropriate.

Haboob describes a situation in which a collapsing thunderstorm exhales a burst of wind. This burst, or outflow, collects dusts in the surrounding arid environment.

 The dust can grow into a towering dark cloud, the so-called haboob, that sweeps across the landscape, cutting visibility to near zero.

It's NOT a brand new term for sandstorms coined by ISIS.

The term haboob has been around for decades. As noted by Maryland weathercaster and AGU blogger Dan Satterfield, a 1925 paper in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society was titled ‘Haboobs’.”

You should know Texans aren't all boobs (Hey! I married one!)
Charles Russell wrote: 
To all of you people complaining about a word. Do you all realize how stupid y’all look? I mean, the rest of the country and the world is laughing at y’all. …  Stop getting offended over nothing. It’s super annoying to the civilized world We work too hard to make humanity modern and non-draconian to allow this sort of BS. Thanks."

Gwen Fine Roberts wrote:
"If the word Haboob bothers them, maybe they are a BOOB. I'm a Texan and don't want to be confused with unworldly, undereducated people who happen to live in my state."

I think my favorite response came from Joshua Shook who said:
"Just wait until these idiots discover that they've been using Arabic numerals their whole lives. The horror!"

For the record:

Many weather and Earth science terms we use are derived from other languages — hurricane, tornado and derecho are all Spanish in origin, not to mention El Niño and La Niña. There’s also the Japanese term tsunami. 

In fact, there is very little in the English language that doesn’t have roots somewhere else in the world.

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