Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stairway To Court: Led Zeppelin Trial May Change Rock 'n Roll History!

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One of the most successful rock songs of all time now has to stand the test of time in court.

At issue?

A lawsuit was brought in 2014, 43 years after Stairway To Heaven" was released (1969), on behalf of the late Randy California, a guitarist (and composer of "Taurus") for the group Spirit.

A judge ruled last week that a jury must decide whether the British rockers ripped off the opening licks of "Taurus," which was recorded by Spirit.

The trial is slated to get underway on May 10th. The case is Skidmore v.Led Zeppelin, 15-cv-03462, U.S. District Court, Central istrict of california (Los Angeles)

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