Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Saga of the Shrinking Dollar: Remember When a 6-pack of Beer Was .99 cents?

Good Day World!

I'm feeling nostalgic today thinking about how much a dollar could buy back in the 1960s.

I remember paying .99 cents for a six-pack of good old American beer. I'd be lucky to get one bottle for that amount now. Especially if it was a craft beer.

Lately I've been thrilled at how much the price of gas has gone down - it's $1.75 a gallon where I live. But when I drove my Chevy into a gas station during the 1960s, I could could tell the attendant "Gimme a dollar's worth" and I'd get three gallons of gas!

When you went to a grocery store your $1.00 could buy a lot of things. Just look at this list:

  • Gallon of milk: 95 cents
  • One regular size bottle of Heinz ketchup: 22 cents
  • One dozen eggs: 53 cents
  • One-ounce Hershey bar: 5 cents (Although the price remained the same, the size of the bar shrunk to 7/8 ounce in 1966 and 3/4 oz in 1968.)
  • Pillsbury cake mix: 25 cents
  • Pound of pork chops: $1.03
  • Pound of sirloin steak: 85 cents
  • Six-pack of Pepsi: 59 cents

Nowadays, I feel lucky if I can buy a bottle of water for $1.00! I smoked cigarettes back in the 1960s and never paid more than .30 cents a pack. Now they're over $5.00 a pack, but I quit smoking them 16 years-ago.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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