Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Social Media vs the Real World: The Disconnect Should Come With Disclaimers

Good Day World!

Conversation overheard:

"It's sickening the way they're always showing pictures of themselves eating at fancy restaurants on Facebook."

"I know. How many people can afford to do that? Everytime I see a post by them I cringe. They must eat out five days a week!"

Sound familiar?

How many people do you know that actually get upset when they go on Facebook, or some other social media, but can't seem to stop themselves from returning daily?

How about the comment sections after a news article? If you've been brave enough to enter one of those social cess pools you know what I mean.

People say things to each other that they normally would never dare say face-to-face. Some are just trolls. We all know about that sorry segment of humanity that lurks in the nether regions of social media outlets.

What I see happening is a growing disconnect from the world online/TV and the real world. Many people have no real social lives so they create online lives to fill that void.

Like anything, moderation is needed to lead a balanced life. One in tune with humanity, but able to deal with technology. 

It gets even more confusing when watching so-called Reality Shows. The bottom line: entertain the audience with so-called real life stories. You know the ones I mean. 

The problem is most people - especially older Ameicans - are not that tech savy. The 21st century offers outlets for communication never dreamed of before.

Maybe there should be manuals for folks over a certain age on how to deal with these all of these social media outlets without going crazy.

Just a thought.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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