Thursday, December 10, 2015

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Good Day World!

With fear floating around this country like a dark cloud, I thought it might be interesting to explore the scariest moment of my life!

We all have different fears, although some are more universal than others. Sharks, maniacs, natural disasters, the Boogey Man, fire, and terrorists come to mind.

Before I share my moment of terror, I would like to add that it doesn’t matter what your age was – if something scared the Shinola off your shoes then it qualifies.

I’m 65 years-old.

In the turbulent decades of my life I’ve experienced war in Vietnam and Cambodia, had numerous ear surgeries, back surgery, was diagnosed with PTSD, was beat up by hired VA cops while in a PTSD program, and grew up fighting in the barrios of La Puente and El Monte.

The scariest moment of my life was

When I was five-years old we had a big red tabby called Tiger. Tiger thought it was his duty to fight any other animal he encountered. He roamed the neighborhood terrorizing other cats and small dogs. (Chickens once too, but that’s another story)

One day Tiger got into a knockdown all-out brawl with another cat under our house.

Pause here; my mother loved Tiger and nothing was too good for him.

On the day Tiger decided to fight another cat under our house, my mother ran outside in response to the ear-shattering squalls. Quickly deducing the situation, she ordered me to go through the crawl hole and to “get poor Tiger out!”

Have you ever heard two cats screaming at each other in unholy anger?

As I crawled around blindly (with no flashlight) there was an eerie pause…silence. For a brief moment I thought God heard my prayers and Tiger left on his own – but then their shrieks suddenly started up next to me and I saw two sets of blazing cat eyes glaring at me!

That’s all it took. I peed my pants and screamed! Seemed like for minutes, but was probably only a few seconds. In that time the cats broke off the battle and both streaked out the crawl space and into the sunlight.

I always hated Tiger.

So, what was your moment of terror? What still get’s your adrenaline going when you think about it?

Time for me to walk on down the road…



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