Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As It Stands blog: Requiem for a Beloved Pug

2012-04-09 16.02.06    Good Day World!

I’m going to talk about a dear and loyal companion who I had to put down yesterday. Millie(Left)Medford LovePug, who was nine years-old and her body was giving out on her.

Her quality of life had passed and she was living in pain. I couldn’t stand it any longer. My wife and I took her into the same vet she’s always seen. She was given a tranquilizer prior to the final shot – and we cuddled with her…tears running down our face has she got woozy and her pink tongue slowly licked out. She licked both of our faces as if to say “Don’t worry everything will be all right.” Then she closed her trusting eyes for the last time.

She was soundly sleeping for the first time in a long time when they lethal injection was given. I held her lifeless body, limp for the first time ever. We had her cremated.

I can’t help thinking about Millie and I’s long walks through the neighborhood for years. How I miss them now. We were regulars and waved at all the neighbors. Everyone who knew Millie loved her sweet personality. I woke up this morning with fresh tears staining my pillow case. Millie wouldn’t be cuddling with my wife and I while we drank our coffee this morning.

There was a light rain outside, as if the heavens were weeping for our precious pug! Yes, I know I’m being dramatic, but the loss is so severe…so hard. I lost a family member. A pack member. She can never be replaced.

I think about her running in the grass chasing a ball or stick, free from pain now. Playing with other dogs of all breeds, because she always got along with any dog. Rest in Peace Millie, daddy loves you!

Time for me to slowly walk on down the road…

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