Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Cicades Among Us: Creepy crawlers get their own web cam!

  Good Day World!
 They’re back!
Don’t miss it.
After 17 years they’ve emerged from the earth hungry and horny! Bug-eyed little horrors are swarming along the East Coast and getting a fair amount of publicity.
How about their own reality show? Try web Cams for the little monsters! Now you can watch them devour everything in sight from the safety of your home.
As Larry The Cable Guy says, “Only in America.”
It’s not enough these creepy crawlers who look like invaders from another planet are making one hell of a racket 27/7, people still want to watch them give Mother Nature a buzz cut for countless miles!
Here’s the back story on the Cicadas among us:
“The great cicada invasion of 2013 has begun in earnest on the East Coast, with hundreds of thousands of the noisy, sex-crazed insects popping up from Georgia to Connecticut. is looking to capitalize on the peculiar craze with a cicada cam, providing live, streaming video of the Brood II cicadas covering a replica of the U.S. Capitol.

The great cicada invasion of 2013 is on. Watch here.
"Like a scene from a horror flick, these creepy crawlers emerge from the ground every 17 years to invade the mid-Atlantic," reads a blog post introducing the cicada cam.
"During the next few weeks, they will be emerging from their lengthy slumber to molt and mate. From North Carolina to Pennsylvania, little children and grown-ups alike will recoil in horror from the Cicada Invasion."
The cicada cam (
While their "loud mating calls and carpet of corpses may come as a nuisance to some," Megan Gannon writes on, entomologists are getting a rare chance to study the mysterious Brood II, a distinct cicada population "that only matures every 13 or 17 years." More from Gannon: (Go Here)
The Discovery site isn't the only media outlet inviting its audience to get in on the gross action. Earlier this month, WNYC's Radiolab rolled out an interactive Cicada Tracker for user-generated mapping of the so-called swarmageddon.
Time for me to walk on the down the road…

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