Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reason # 24 for living in Humboldt County: Nightmare roads identified in congestion study

The single most congested stretch of highway in the United States, according to the researchers, is on the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles, specifically the three-mile stretch of northbound California Highway 110 near Dodger Stadium.

The report estimates more than 1.4 million person hours are wasted each year by people sitting in traffic at that one intersection, using 2.1 million gallons of gasoline. A person hour is an hour spent by one person; if six people are in a car stuck for an hour in a traffic jam, that's six person hours lost.

The second-worst stretch of highway is just a few miles to the south, where the Harbor Freeway intersects with Interstate 10 just south of downtown Los Angeles near the Staples Center. In that six-and-a-half-mile corridor, 1.1 million person hours are wasted and 3.6 million gallons of fuel are lost each year.

Six of the seven most congested stretches of highway in the country are in Los Angeles; the other is New York City’s Van Wyck Expressway just outside John F. Kennedy International Airport. (Article source)

Nightmare roads:
Farther down the list, it seems every big city has its nightmare road, including:

  • San Francisco: Eastbound Interstate 80 at the Bay Bridge.
  • Houston: Eastbound Interstate 10 at T.C. Jester Boulevard.
  • Chicago: The Stevenson Expressway at State Street.
  • Seattle: Southbound Interstate 405 at Coal Creek Parkway.

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