Friday, October 21, 2011

GOP Chicken Hawks mad that the war in Iraq is ending

I’m not in the least surprised the “Just Say No Party” aka Republicans, are pissed that we’re pulling out of Iraq. Romney and the rest of the rabid right masquerading as senators and representatives for the people, don’t like the war machine to slow down.

Keeping at least one of his campaign promises, President Obama announced that all combat troops would be home for the holidays. Mind you, this pullout has been down on paper for two years, but now the Republicans are squealing like stuffed pigs that it’s too soon to pull out. In their beady little bird brains there is no good time to pull the talons of American’s military out of the oil-rich land they conquered nearly a decade ago.

My fondest wish would be to somehow gather up all of the GOP’s tough Chicken Hawks and put them in a special military unit. Then every dirty little war, or police action, this special unit would be the first to go into combat. What do you want to bet there’d be a world-wide pullout of American troops going back to the states?



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