Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogging on the GOP primary debate: who kicked ass?

buttkickAre you ready to rumble?

I never watched a Republican or Democratic primary debate before. I admit it. By the halftime break (where everyone had to scurry to the nearest toilet – especially Ron Paul - of tonight’s GOP blab fest, I realized how entertaining this little ritual verbal punching match could be.

Huntsman looked like the sanest of the candidates early on. Not that this is such a big accomplishment considering the room full of clowns. Cain sounds like a preacher. Speaks well, but a little too fast. Bachmann as a meek onlooker. Where’s her spunk? She needs to be a junkyard dog.  She tried to sound like she knew what she was talking about, but that $2.00 a gallon gas thing puts her further down the rabbit hole. Then there was Newt. Typical theatrical Gingrich classic rhetoric (we’ve heard it for years).

Oh yeah…Sen. Santorium (I did like his pink tie) said something.Everyone watching took the opportunity to yawn. Romney and Perry parried like two drunks (no one actually landing a good blow) but I expect more in the second half. Get ‘em Cowboy! At one point they all sang that they were family and wouldn’t pick at imagesCAKD4HT8each like rabid jackals for the entertainment of the Democrats. Then they proceeded to swing clumsy shots at at each other vying for an edge. 

 Back… Perry whines that he feels like a pinata suggesting everyone is ganging up on him. I hope he doesn’t pull out his guns as equalizers.…heartbreaking. Romney tries to act like the moderate and doesn’t kick Perry as often as he could. The others take a few dispirited jabs with no effect. Huntsman makes another nice little speech.

Perry explained how he made thoughtful reductions in the state’s education system. I tried not to gag knowing where he put the state’s money instead. Gingrich spoke up on education and it was like listening to him speak about it in the 80s. Totally clueless. Hold on! Perry’s talking about putting “boots on the ground” on the Tex MeximagesCAP1SKWT border. Perry calls Obama a liar. He says the Tex Mex border is not safe as Obama claims. He’s warming up.

Romney steps up on the subject and has the audience clapping. Perry withers a little behind the podium. Not one person clapped after his blathering. Gingrich is back. Oh yeah. Says we need to insist all immigrants learn English or get deported. Classic Newt. Sen. Santorium throws out the Italian immigrant race card and says he knows what to do about our illegal immigration problem.

Where’s Bachmann? There she is. Everyone she knows wants soimagesCA81DPK1mething done about illegal aliens. She knows what to do. Even if she didn’t explain what. She opened her eyes real wide and waved her hands. Now that got a scattered applause.

Cain said I agree with everyone. Next? Here’s Huntsman…he’s talking about his legally adopted Chinese daughter (I’m not sure why but he’s smiling). Paul says we don’t need to have an armed border. No really. He said that all that has to happen is for the economy to get better and everything will be peachy keen.

Final Break time. Here we go. Romney comes out and says “I’m not a card carrying Tea Party member, but I love them and agree with anything they say.” Here’s Bachmann…what the hell is she talking about? She’s not even addressing the question Brian Williams asked. She may be losing it folks.

No pledges says Huntsman! The rest of them all look a little pale…even Cain. Oh yea! Good one.

Huntsman is on a roll. Scattered applause. Perry responds. “We need someone wNO SPECIAL SESSIONhose worked in the private sector and who loves America. That’s me. I’m a job machine”

Bachmann on removing dictators: Obama has weakened us militarily. He not done what he should have to keep us safe. Shouldn’t have gone into Libya she says. This is the closest she’s sounded to sane yet…wait for it. A small applause.

Santorium says we need to stay spread around the world militarily. It’s what Ronald Reagan would have wanted. Huntsman – GOP can’t run from science if we want to win in 2012 – can’t make comments about evolution. Obama can’t lead, but Huntsman said he can. Perry says the idea of scientific theory of global warming isn’t right – he worries about economic impact. The science is not settled on “climate change.”

Get rid of the EPA Bachman says. Promote coal. It’ll lead to massive jobs. Drill baby, drill. Gingrich puffs up like a blow fish and rambles on about the fed. He agrees with opening up energy markettumblr_lptl70JPnQ1qzg84yo1_250s like Alaska. And off shore drilling.

Taxes. Romney says middle America hurt. No tax on people earning less than $250.000 would solve the problem. Then cut back on tax’s for corporations. Oh yeah. Sexy stuff. And Perry on the death penalty. He’s signed more death warrants than all of the other state governors combined. He feels Americans understand justice. Okay.

Back on Taxes. Cain promotes his 9-9-9 plan.Then tells everyone what they already know about the economy. Interesting tactic. I think he likes the sound of his voice, but people clapped. Paul went on a libertarian rant that lost some people. No mandates! No mandates! Looks like the debate is over.

My first and last coverage of one. Who won? Who cares????


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